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Healing Together

Preserving Native American Culture for Future Generations

Empowering Healing with Nature's Wisdom

Important Announcements

  • Tipi Raising this Saturday, looking for participants! - 720-249-8264

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We strive to honor and revive the traditions of Native American Nations while addressing pressing community issues.

The Southdown Indian Mountian Veterans program stands at the core of our mission, providing support and healing to veterans and their families through the transformative Inipi lodge ceremony.

Veterans Outreach

Veterans Outreach

Through Inipi Sweatlodge, veterans gain the emotional and spiritual support they need to heal and move forward in life. Southdown Indian Mountain Healing is deeply committed to providing veterans the tools they need to heal and live a joyful life.

Elder Speaks

Elder Speaks

The Southdown Indian Mountain Healing has recently launched a series of projects, Elder Speaks, which aim to preserve the wisdom and teachings of the Native American oral culture. They strive to share these teachings to teach and enrich the lives of others.

Prison Outreach

Our goal is to provide access to spiritual teachings and guidance to help individuals learn to create positive changes in their lives. We also provide opportunities for mentorship and workshops to assist in re-entry into society. Through our program, we strive to create a brighter future for those who have been incarcerated. Join us in our mission to bring hope and healing to those who are incarcerated.

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